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Where Luxury Is An Unforgettable Experience...

Welcome to The Burton Luxury Experience!

​We service the city of Indianapolis and its surrounding suburbs, dedicated to help you transform your next event. Our stylish modern throne chairs and decorating skills will give your event the luxury touch it deserves. Your guests will most definitely be impressed!

​We value our clients, and our goal is to help give your next event an unforgettable presentation. Providing quality customer service, timely delivery, set-up, and pickup, is our standard!

​We also work with other event planners, photographers, bakers and other party rentals providers!

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Your event is truly not an event without one of our illustrious 

royal throne chairs. They add the perfect touch to any event, giving you all the luxury feels. We offer both kid and adult sized throne chairs. Ask about our different package options or click the "book now" link to reserve your throne chairs today!

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​Full-service event production, creative and everything in-between—we’ve been doing it all for over 7 years.  We own our own equipment (which means cost-savings for you) and we have the resources to handle any event you can imagine. Our experience and expertise mean you get reliable service every time.


And our versatility means you won’t have to work with multiple event planners or service providers. Seriously, we do everything!

We spend a lot of time planning and organizing every detail, then executing those details with precision.

où le luxe est une expérience

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The highlight of your event is ready to be booked! The perfect way to capture unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. Our 360 Booth is our most requested service, and it never disappoints. Click the "book today" link to get started with reserving it for your next event!

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